5 Most Popular Online Mobile Shopping Apps

You no longer need a desktop or laptop computer to purchase some of your favorite things now thanks to the increasing availability of mobile shopping apps from some of the world’s biggest and most popular retailers.

Discovering products, adding them to your online shopping cart and completing your order from a smartphone or tablet has never been easier or more convenient. Here are 10 of the most popular online mobile shopping apps that every shopoholic should consider downloading.

Amazon: Where You Can Buy Almost Anything

Amazon is among the largest online retailers in the world that has almost any and every product you could possibly think of. Get full product details and read loads of helpful reviews for anything you search through the Amazon app.

As an added bonus, you can scan barcodes on products or snap a photo of it to compare prices on the app or check its availability status. When finished shopping, you can complete your orders through your Amazon account (or Amazon Prime account if you’re a member) and even finish your transactions faster with 1-click functionality if you have it set up.

eBay: Buy or Bid on Both Used and New Goods

eBay might have been all the rage in the early days of the web, but it’s is still one of the web’s leading sites to get almost anything you need—new or used, and sometimes for quite the bargain.

With the eBay mobile app, you can both buy and sell items, use the barcode scanner to find specific products, set up notifications on your listed items, get bid alerts and so much more. Your homepage also includes Watched items, your feed and eBay Deals.

Etsy: The Place to Go for Everything Handmade

If you want unique, crafty, handmade or vintage items, then Etsy is the place to go. The products you find here often can’t be found anywhere else.

Whether you’re a shop owner or someone looking to great things to buy, you can do it all with the Etsy app. Enjoy full-screen listings, customizable options, and an easy way to add any item to your cart.

Apple Store: Indulge in All Your Apple Gadget Desires

Apple fans and gadget lovers are going to love to learn that there is indeed a dedicated app for the one and only Apple Store. Perhaps not surprisingly, this app is only available in a version for its own mobile platform—iOS.

With the official Apple Store app, you can research products, personalize your browsing experience, buy products straight through the app, schedule an item pickup or make a Genius Bar appointment at your nearest Apple Store location.

Target: Find Great Deals on Your Favorite Brands

If you love the deals and variety of stuff you can get from Target, then the Target app might just be the convenient resource you need to help you save more time when still getting all your shopping done.

You can use the app to check out the WeeklyAd for your nearest store, build a shopping list right inside the app, add anything to your cart, check out and even enjoy free pickup from store locations near you. Its former savings Cartwheel has been rolled right into the Target app as well for even greater convenience.

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