Door Knob vs. Door Lever, Which One is Better for You?

When making important decisions while refurbishing or building your home, you might already have a ton of on your plate to even start worrying about small door hardware. You need firm facts to be able to make some quick but logical decisions, so here are a few factors to consider about levers and door knobs you should know be aware of before making a purchase:

Door Knobs

Door knobs are classic fixtures to your door, they give a look of style and class to your door. They are perfect for aged houses if you are revamping them. Moreover, the locks used in old-fashioned homes go well with doorknobs. There are a myriad of styles, finishes and shapes to choose from; so they are more aesthetically pleasing for the door than the other options.

Doorknobs, however, need twisting, which requires added force. This makes doorknobs a bit inconvenient to use for people with arthritis in the hands and wrists, for toddlers, or just wet and slippery hands. Nevertheless, egg shaped or oval knobs provide more grip than the usual round-shaped door knobs.

Likewise, if you are building an era-style home and want to capture every tiny detail, find door knobs that show the design and décor of that particular period. Whether you have a colonial or Victorian era home, knobs are available to exude that vibe, in a finish to match the style of – from chrome, dark bronze, to antique brass.

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Door Levers

Lever handles are a thing of the contemporary times; which is available in both modern and even in traditional styles. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and they are more user-friendly with regards to the additional force needed to access it.

One can open the door using just their elbow even if their hands are full, and that makes door handles a suitable choice for almost every door there is.  Furthermore, since lever handles are fitted away from the door frame, there isn’t a chance of catching one’s knuckles on the frame. Lever handles are also available in many styles, sizes, and finishes so as to fit any architectural designs.

Style-wise, if your preferences and tastes run towards a more modern style, you may go for levers. More popular than door knobs in Europe, levers are usually chosen for ease of use and accessibility. They also impart a more modern ambiance to your home. 

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Levers are available in finishes like chrome and brushed nickel, and uniform lever handles throughout your home are a great contemporary upgrade. This is a good look for homes built in a modern, midcentury or transitional style.

In spite of the ease of use and aesthetic value, lever handles need regular maintenance because they contain springs. The basic shape of the handle might catch loose clothing, which is a big con of using a door lever. Nevertheless, its user-friendliness beats all the cons, as it is ideal for busy people.

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