Here are the best low cost Gardening Ideas


modern garden planters landscaping ideas

Pots are lifesaving landscaping ideas – there’s minimal weeding to do and you have control over how big your plants get. You can also move pots around for a new layout making them a flexible planting option, and you can use them to brighten even the smallest of spaces as well.

As many low-maintenance plants don’t produce colorful blooms, introduce splashes of color with some striking pots dotted about instead. Pots are also perfect for adding life to your yard for simple and cheap landscaping ideas.


native plants landscaping ideas

Consider native plants as they won’t be difficult to maintain. Plants native to your area are accustomed to the climate, meaning you don’t have to worry much about watering, light, and temperatures.

If you’re opting for more exotic options, you’ll be sure to find that they take a huge amount of care. To go low-maintenance, choose plants that work perfectly with your native climate for residential landscaping.


garden mulch variety landscaping ideas

Mulch is an excellent way of covering up a multitude of gardening sins, it saves you time as well, and it’s an easy alternative for low cost landscaping ideas. Covering the ground between plants with mulch also prevents weeds from rearing their heads and fighting your plants for light and water.

It also helps to feed your garden as it breaks down, as well as keeping the outdoor space looking neat and organized. Go for natural mulch landscaping ideas as they’re also eco-friendly.


modern astro turf landscaping ideas

If you’re short on mowing and maintenance time for your lawn, how about artificial grass? There’s no need to mow it, there’s no need to water it, and once its properly placed, there’s no maintenance moving forward. And you don’t have to worry about it drying out in the sun, bald patches, and having to re-seed it.

Though visually deceptive, this is the easiest of all landscaping ideas. Artificial grass comes at a price (it’s certainly not on the list of cheap landscaping ideas), but if you need low maintenance care and want the effect of grass, this is a smart way to go.


backyard deck landscaping ideas

Decks are great for entertaining and for extra solid seating areas and is are easier to maintain than grass, however, they can be much more expensive of an investment.

Granted, they require painting or staining upkeep, but that’s nothing in comparison to mowing a lawn each week overtime. Paint it a contrasting color or keep it neutral, so it blends in with the rest of your yard working as the perfect backdrop.

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